All the characters of MP&M/MP&M2 had 'models'. Some of them were celebrities and others were people in Patricia's life. So here we have rounded them all up with character bios to get to know your favorites even better!
  • Friends
  • Secondary Characters
  • Banks Household


Ashley Grimmes (MPM/MPM2)

Ashley Eileen Grimmes is the eldest of the Grimmes Siblings. She is best friends with Selena and works after school at a rec-center running an after school program. Ashley loves music and studies guitar alongside Selena. She participates in her school's theatre program where she works along side her best friend.
She is very close with her estranged sister who moved to London, England with her Aunt when she was 8 1/2 (her sister was 7) after she was accepted into a high end music school in the UK.

Although she doesn't often approve of her antics, she is loyal to her best friend Selena. From Selena cutting class to having her participate in a covert oppertation to discover if her (Selena's) Nanny is Mary Poppins. Ashley knows very early on that Greggory Gruff likes Selena, yet keeps it to herself, feeling it isn't her business.
Ashley is one of the few people to know about Marianna's true identity.

Ashley's involvement in the plot of Mary P & Me:
Ashley arrives at the Banks' home after work dropping off Selena's half sister who participates in the program. We learn early on that Ashley sticks with Selena despite her flaws because she knows that there is a good person underneath her exterior. Ashley auditions for the school musical along with Selena, after Marianna arrives and when Selena makes the connections she at first tries to talk her out of it feeling as if she is insane. But in the end she realizes that Selena may be right after all. After Marianna leaves, she and Greggory defend Selena after her heartbroken outburst in rehursal so that she may keep her role. Ashley in the end of the story is sad to find out Selena's choice to leave NYC and return to the UK, but is happy for her friend's new happy life.
(Model: Alyson Michalka)

                                    Jordyn Grimmes (MPM2)

Sister to Ashley, Jordyn moved to the UK with her aunt at age 7 after getting accepted into an advanced music school. Although she misses her sister and parents, Jordyn loves her new life and still frequently visits NYC.

She is also friends with Selena despite being a year and a half younger and living in the UK.

She also is one of the few people who know about Marianna's true identity, Ashley tells her over an MSN conversation that lasted a month before convincing her before Selena's arrival in London.

Jordyn's Involvement In the Plot of MP&M2:
(Ha ha ha ha... I'm not going to tell you this just yet! Wait to read it to find out!)

(Model: Amanda Michalka)

Greggory Griff (MPM)

Next door neighbor to the Banks family in NYC. At first Greggory causes trouble and annoyance to Selena but she slowly warms up to him in May before she leaves in July.

Greggory starts off as a troublemaker who throws water (and goo) balloons through their windows and tease Selena constantly.(They're homes' fire escapes/decks are somewhat attached). Selena at first cannot stand him, but she later warms up to him. After Marianna leaves the first time he helps her and convinces Ms. Whimsnap to not punish Selena for her freakout.

In the sequel, We learn that they dated for a couple months and then broke up when she moved.

Kevin Andrews (MPM2)

One of Selena's old friends from London.
He is very quirky and is a music student like Selena.

Selena runs into Kevin after Christianna and Teddy get into trouble at the park. They end up going to the same school and share the same music class.

(Model: Kevin Jonas)

Milo Banks (MPM2)

Cousin to Selena Banks, Milo is one of Selena's old friends                                 
They run into each other when Christianna and Kevin's little brother teddy get into trouble at the park

Milo Banks is one of the few relatives that Selena knows about and he attends her school. He is the only Blood Banks that does not know about Marianna's identity.

(Model: Sterling Knight)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Secondary Characters

Kira (MP&M)

Kira is a fellow Dowsley student along with Selena, Ashley and Greggory. She is the "Sharpay" of Dowsley and drives Selena up the wall. Kira is very cruel to Selena and often makes jokes about her being a criminal. She is way to uptight and serious about Drama and her only delight is being casted 'above' Selena.
She also tries out for the leading role of Mary Poppins in the school play, but loses to Selena who gets the role. She ends up with the role of Jane Banks which she dislikes and cannot possibly imagine why she was casted as a child.

[To which she is told it is because she has a Squeaky Voice, Very Short, Natural Whine when she speaks and throws Spontaneous Tantrums]

(Model: Jennie Mackenzie-Brown)

Ashlyn Bronson (MP&M2)

Selena's Music Teacher in London. She is a native Floridan (and Selena notes that she often speaks with a Floridan twang). Ashlyn is the one who convinces Selena to participate in in the competion because she has the ability to win. Ashlyn has found Selena to be interesting and looked into her after her interesting registration process.

(Model : Ashley Brown)

Banks Household

Christianna Wendy Forrest-Banks

Christianna (AKA: Chrissy) is Selena's half sister. She shares their father Jeffrey but has a different mom named Wendy Forrest. Christianna's mom died from cancer when she was only one years old and has grown up with just her sister, father and the house staff. She is very academically advanced and used to be a bit of a con-artist. Christianna and Selena are very close and trust each other with everything.

She knows the secret about who Marianna is.

Role In The Story:
Jeffrey meets her mother when they move to NYC originally when Selena was 7. Her mom and Jeffrey were married within a year and then Christianna was born. Wendy dies from cancer when Christianna is is only one, Jeffrey soon slips into the neglectful father he is in the beginning of MP&M. It can be argued that Selena practically raised her from then till Marianna arrived. She at first (like her sister) doesn't like Marianna but slowly warms up to her before Selena does (though she tries to hide this fact. She then becomes terrified of her for a bit after an incident with the tea party (but it doesn't last long). She is relieved when the drama between Selena and Marianna is resolved and becomes very attached to her. This leads her to the heartbreak when she wakes up to find that she has gone. It is Christianna that Marianna returns to first and brings Christianna, Jeffrey, Tabitha and Louise to Selena's show. She is sad when Mary has to go, but she knows it will be alright now because their family is happy and functional again.

(Model: Noah Cyrus)

Marianna/Mary Poppins

Role In The Story (Because no introduction is needed for this one)

Mary was originally the nanny to Selena's Grandmother, Jane Banks and her siblings Michael, John, Barbara and Annabel. Once they had grown up, she came back years later as the nanny to Jane's only child Abigail Banks.

Mary and Abigail were very close, Abigail was around when the second 'Betrayal' happened and when Mary first went under the Alias of Marianna. As Abigail grew up, and had a family, she still saw Mary frequently (in secret).
Then she had Selena.

Selena was born on Mary's birthday, and she was named after the birthday they celebrated when Abigail graduated (she went to school abroad, which is why she graduated on Hallowe'en in UK time). That year was a full moon, which is always special when the birthday falls on a full moon. In the hospital, Abigail tells that one of the best things about that night was how big and beautiful the moon was so she named her Selena (another form of Selene, who, according to mythology, was the goddess of the moon).
Seven years later, Mary is very upset when Abigail dies.

Years past and she arrives to take care of her children (which hurts her to do so because Selena is so much like her mom). They're relationship is rocky at first but after certain events Selena learns who she really is and they are able to patch things up. She also (Thanks to certain umbrella handles that shall remain nameless) becomes 'connected' to Selena. Only she accidently causes an accident that could have killed Selena and cannot take it (remembereing Abigail) and leaves a broken Selena, a sad Christianna and a neglectful Jeffrey behind. She is stopped and forced to confront her personal 'demons' and returns to make things right. Only to leave again (but for the right reasons)

Mary returns to the Banks family the following August and takes her place in the household again.

(Model: Laura Michelle Kelly)

Jane Banks

Jane Banks is one of Mary's original charges and the grandmother of Selena Banks.

She learns of Marianna's identity shortly after she returns in London. She spends a great deal of time covering up for the girls and Marianna when things go out of hand. She is also very sick.

Role In The Story:
Jane grew up and married, she then had a daughter named Abigail. Abigail is also put under the care of Mary, the two become very close. Jane later shares her home with her daughter, her son-in-law and her young Granddaughter Selena, until Abigail dies that December day when Selena was only six.
The family then leaves her to move to the U.S. and they become separated for years. After the events of MP&M it is implied by the letter left by Marianna to the girls that Jane knew that things would happen the way they did and Marianna had already convinced her to call Jeffrey that day and have them move back into their home in Cherry-Tree Lane.

But, in MP&M2, she seems to have forgotten about her childhood and Marianna until she is reminded by items of her past that Mary provides. Then she has a role of keeping the secrets and covering for the girls and Mary.
(Model: Julie Andrews)