Mary P & Me Series

Mary P & Me was the writing debut of author Patricia Creamer. The original story stood out from the crowd and won a good sized fanbase (considering it is Mary Poppins Fanfiction after all).

The plot follows a two half-sisters named Selena Abigail Banks & Christianna Wendy Forrest as they grow up (or at least try to) in our modern day society. As much as they try to lead normal lives, one little things makes that impossible. Their nanny happens to be Mary Poppins in disguise!


Mary P & Me [Completed]
Mary P & Me 2 (Part One) [In Progress]
Mary P & Me 2 (Part Two) [Coming Soon]
Mary P & Me Adventures [Coming Soon]

Merissa and Linley Take Toronto [Coming Soon]
We Three and Mary P [Coming Soon]