Practically Perfect/Adventures

PPAdventures was the second breakthrough MP FF series by author Patricia Creamer. PPAdventures was based off of the very early work of the author while testing out stories before Mary P & Me.

Where Did It Come From?

Before Mary P, There was Practically Perfect.

Originally, this was to be the story that Patricia was to write and post on the site. It was to be a direct sequel to the 1964 Walt Disney Film. The story was a bit like the other types of stories in the Mary Poppins archive on

It was changed after the plot was getting to complicated and time was running short before we had to post. Then the fateful day in the park occurred when Patricia created Mary P & Me.

Months after the launch of MP&M, Patricia found an old flash drive with older test stories. One of them was some of the unused ideas from Practically Perfect. Most of which had been incorporated into the Mary P & Me series in some way. From big plot points like going into stories [coming soon] to being dubbed as Marianna, Practically Perfect usually had done it first! (Note: all of those are from INTO THE BOOK Adventure One of PPAdventures)
Patricia decided to find some of the USABLE plots and make little stories out of them and voila, PPAdventures was born!


Into The Book: Ep 1 [In Progress]
Flight In the Stars: Ep 2 [Coming Soon]