Mary P & Me 2: Sneak Peeks!

New Single Preview:
List of New Characters:

Tamara Lindsey: Jeffery's new Girlfriend who may have ulterior motives then just a happy relationship
Milo Simon: Cousin of Selena and nephew to Jeffrey, he has been best friends with Selena since they were little.
Kevin Andrews: Best Friend of Milo who may like Selena more than as a friend
Jane Banks: One of the original children of "Marianna", and Grandmother to Christianna and Selena.
Jordyn Grimes: Sister to Ashley Grimes (from Mary P & Me) who moved to London with her aunt after winning a scholarship when she was 11 years old. 
Ashton Andrews: Brother to Kevin who becomes friends with Christianna.
The Mysterious Man: A man who continuously reappears in Selena's Dream's and sometimes out of them and gives her cryptic messages.
Sub Plot Sneak Peak 1:
Kevin & Selena:
  Selena runs into her cousin/Best Male Friend in August after moving back home. She also meets his old friend Kevin. At first they start out as friends but Selena and him start working together in the contest and he becomes her “trainer/coach”. They start to get closer to each other but Selena due to scars of the past pushes him away.

Sneak Peak 1~ Read the Prologue of MP & Me!

The Part of the Story in the beginning where I try to lure you into the story and make it sound interesting and get you to read the rest, but usually just is pretty vague and confusing so the only reason you finish reading is to make sense of it.

Otherwise known as the:


  • It has been 7 days since she left us again.
  • It has been 7 nights since she put us to bed.
  • But, it has been 3 days since My Dad Learned Everything
  • 3 Days since We Openly Discussed Her.
  • 2 Days since she came up in conversation casually.
  • 2 Days Since I started writing this all down.
  • 1 Day since I Finished writing
  • 1 Minute Since I Started Writing the List
  • And no time has passed since the last time we thought about her, missed her and wished she could stay.

  Lists help me sort out things sometimes. This isn’t one of those times though.
I lived it all, wrote it down and have recited it numerously these past few days and even I don’t understand the things that happened. So I’ll make another list to help shed some light… maybe…


  • I almost died twice
  • I fought with Marianna too many times to count
  • I was grounded BECAUSE of Marianna 15 times
  • I won 1 recording contract
  • I was almost murdered once
  • I wrote 15 songs
  • I got 1 boyfriend
  • My dad got one fiancé
  • My dad arrested one fiancé
  • My Grandma kept us in check daily
  • My Dad/Marianna overreacted about 5 times
  • I reunited with 1 cousin
  • I had (Unknown amount) of Adventures/Experiences



Nope, still can’t process it. It is strange because when it happened I didn’t question it. But looking back at everything makes me confused and unable to make sense out of it. It’s all Marianna’s fault. Marianna and her stupid bird. (Ok, maybe it wasn’t the Bird’s fault completely… but he DID add to the trouble… we’ll discuss this later…) Still, Marianna was to blame… wasn’t she? I mean she’s the one who had me do all that stuff, and made me lie and cover up for her all the time. I was the one who always got punished.

But then again, it was my choice to lie and cover up for her. I didn’t have to after all. And Maybe it wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand if I hadn’t let my unhappiness boil up inside of me. Then I also got my priorities mixed up and let things go out of control… Still, she shouldn’t have asked me to do this stuff. But then, I should have told her I didn’t like it as well.

Maybe it’s not any of our faults; the obvious blame goes to Tamara, clearly. God just typing that name freaks the hell out of me now. I mean she did kidnap, drug, attempt to murder, and try to steal our money. So maybe we should blame everything on her!

Still is that really fair, (I know I’m trying to be fair to a murder… crazy right?) we chose to be ignorant for so long. We didn’t say anything to dad or share concerns. Plus, it technically is my and Marianna’s fault that she was able to do this stuff in the first place. We made it easy to turn us against each other.


So is it really mine and Marianna’s fault after all? If that is the right the answer, why don’t I still understand? Maybe it’s Dad’s fault. It’s easy to blame parents I find. Dad should have been more aware of the happenings in his house, he also should have known by know that Marianna would NEVER do anything (intentionally!) to hurt us. (Because she has caused me plenty of pain and frequent hospital trips before). He should have known that something wasn’t right with Christianna. He should have thought things through and realized that in no possible way would I have been able to cause any of the things that happened which I was punished for.

God, he should have been able to put the pieces together! I thought he’d seen the movie, she should have been like “Wait, that seems familiar…”( I wasn’t like that when I first learned about her because I hadn’t ever seen it before that time).


I know Christianna and Grandmother are innocent, mostly. I mean, Chrissy shouldn’t have been so easy to have betray us and Grandmother could have made a lot of things easier if she had told us that she knew.

Maybe nobody’s innocent and nobody completely to blame. Maybe we are all apart of what happened and we all acted equally in the chaos that unfolded. We were all equal parts of it.


Maybe it’s not my place to put blame on somebody and decide their innocence. Maybe I have no right to. Maybe you, the reader will have to decide for yourself who is to blame or if any of us are to blame.


I suppose the best place to start is at the beginning. Not of summer, but the day when it all began.

Almost 9 months ago.

Last week of august, Chrissy and I were at home that day because daddy had made us finish (and by finish he meant start) unpacking our new room in the nursery of #17 Cherry-Tree Lane…