Mary P & Me: Official Story

By: Patricia Creamer
Life has not been easy for Selena Banks Her Mother died when she was six,her step-mother at Seven She's never healed and holds anger inside That may change after father hires Marianna. She appears to be normal but appearances can be deciving...

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Chapter Four: Meeting Selena:

At about 3:45 Marianna was marching up the steps at Dowsley Academy for the Arts. The building was large and grand, and from what Marianna could tell it was elite too. The students dressed in Uniform outfits, which appeared to come in different variety. There were oxford shirts which came in white, Golf tee which was in Light blue and white, Long Black pleaded skirt, dress pants, a tie, and outdoor weather apparel like sweaters and coats. Marianna wandered the Main floor, as attempted to find the Auditorium.

As she walked a smartly dressed woman approached her. "excuse me, can i help you?"

Marianna turned to her. "Yes actually, I'm looking for the auditorium. I'm here to get Selena Banks."

The woman looked over Marianna. A Nice girl like her, looking for Selena. She had her pity. Selena came with trouble, and a mouth to match. "It's just down the hall, turn a left at the corner"

"Thank you." Marianna said, and she followed her directions.

Marianna finally reached the large oak doors that led to the Auditorium. She opened the door and couldn't believe her eyes.

The auditorium was a large and beautiful theater. On stage, there was what appeared to be a rehearsal. On stage was two people. One male, one female. They appeared to be in a disagreement. The male was dressed in a snappy striped shirt with a lime green hat and pants. He was very clean looking and very snazzy. The girl was wearing half knee high pink sparkly boots, A knee length bright pink glitter skirt, a white tank with light pink rhinestones and a cropped pink leather sparkly jacket. She had curly blonde hair and looked familiar.

They two were singing a song about wanting to be famous.
they sang cheerily.

"You want the world nothing less then the glam and the press to be giving you the best reviews." The duo sang together.

Extra Dancers in the background behind them were showing off their moves as they began to list a bunch of places.




The chorus began to slowly hum 'We want it'. By the time they hit 'It', the duo quickly chanted 'We want it all' They held the last note for a moment and the music cut as the lights flashed and miniature sparklers went off.

Marianna stood in shock. This was so surreal. She'd never seen anything like this before…

First of all. What were half of these Females wearing! They were showing more leg then she was ever used to.

Second, What was this? The sparklers, the music, the craziness on stage. What kind of rehearsal was this. It didn't seem like anything she'd ever seen before.

Marianna stared in confusion. It took her a moment to remember why she was there. When she did, she immediately walked up to the front of the stage. There was an woman upfront. She was giving complements and criticism to the performers on stage. So naturally, Marianna decided that she was the director.

"Excuse me?" Marianna asked, tapping the director on the shoulder. The director turned to her. "One moment dear." She said.

The director walked on stage and congratulated the duo Marianna had been watching earlier. They looked perfectly happy, cheerful and pleasant. After she was finished, the director addressed everyone. "All right everyone. Take 5, after we'll go over the upcoming auditions and then you can all leave. Please put all costumes BACK ON THE APPROPRIATE HANGER! Same with all props. They must all go back to their proper stop!"

"Yes Mrs. Beasley." The students replied monotonously, as they did as they were instructed.

The director turned right back to Marianna. "Sorry to keep you waiting." She said as she walked back over to her. "How may I be of service?" she asked.

"I am here to get Selena. I'm am her newly hired nanny, and I have been requested to introduce myself to her and bring her home by dinner time." Marianna said, stopping herself when she realized she was babbling. Why was she babbling? Was she really that unsure about meeting this person.

"Alright." She said. Mrs. Beasley turned back to the stage. "Selena!" she barked. "Come here."

The blonde 'Glittery' girl waltzed over. "Yes, Mrs Beasley?" she asked ever-so sweetly.

"Some one here to see you, She is your new Nanny." Mrs. Beasley said. She looked as if she was curious as to what would happen. As if she knew something that Marianna didn't . "I'll leave you two to get acquainted."

Selena was smiling sweetly. So sweet. Too Sweet. Something didn't seem right!

Marianna looked up at the blonde girl. Almost instantly, after the director walked away. Selena's sweet, angelic smile and expression, Dropped to a cold, hating, and annoyed one.

"What the hell do you want?" she demanded rudely. Her fake sweetness had instantly melted away.

Marianna was slightly taken aback by this. Never in all her years had this happened. "I am Marianna. Your Nanny. Your Father has requested that I accompany you home this evening."

Selena snorted angrily. "Great! Now I need an escort. Dammit! Hold on, lemme change!"

Selena walked backstage. Marianna needed a moment. This may be harder than she thought. If that was a preview on what the rest of this would be like then there were some rocky waters up ahead. Selena hadn't even been gone for a minute, when she emerged from backstage.

Marianna couldn't believe her eyes! This Selena wasn't anything like that Glamor girl she'd seen on stage. The pink and the glitter had been traded in for some old worn dark jeans, a long white tee shirt, a yellow slightly puffy pleather jacket that cut off halfway down the stomach and bright red converse. As if the wardrobe wasn't enough, The first Selena had left with bouncy, girlie, pretty wavy curly hair. This New Selena had long dark kind of twisted hair. On her back was a worn Camo backpack by 'Dickies'. Her hair was in a basic ponytail. Although it worked on her, it was like a new phenomenon for Marianna. She'd never seen anyone dress like this. She'd never seen so much skin show. Their arms, upper chests and legs were showing like crazy. They wore freakishly high-heels and were constantly talking into their cellphones.

"Ready to go or what!" Selena barked.

"Huh? Oh, yes…, Come along." Marianna said as she led Selena out of the auditorium. Selena Instantly pulled herself. "I know my way around here damn it. I've been going here for years. I'm not a dog. I can take care of myself. We don't need you. Your only here because my dad thinks your going to be some sort of punishment for me because we got into an argument. Once he gets over it, you'll be gone. So just stay out of my way and we'll get along great!" Selena said acting just awful to Marianna.

Marianna didn't seemed bothered one bit. That Bothered Selena. "What your name again?" she asked.

"Marianna, but I must say. I do not quite agree with you. If you could take care of yourself you wouldn't need to be punished and hence that would mean I wouldn't be here. Now you listen to me. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. So you'd better get used to me!" Marianna said in an icy tone.

Marianna was giving Selena such a cold glare she could feel it in her blood. Selena just ignored it. "Is that a threat or a promise!" she demanded.

"Whats the difference?" Marianna asked.

"If I have to tell you, you'll never learn." She said. Selena then walked away at a rather quick speed. Marianna tried hard to hurry up and catch her. Selena looked over her shoulder and saw Marianna coming. "I just have one thing to say. If you knew what was best, you'd back off."

"You're not a very big threat to me Selena!" Marianna stated honestly.

"Don't say I didn't warn you…" Selena said in a cutesy mocking tone.

Selena suddenly bolted. Marianna sped after her a lightning speed. Selena kept looking over her shoulder and she couldn't believe how she was tailing her. Selena looked ahead. There was a policeman a few crossroads away. She had a plan. Selena sneakily slowed down without her knowing. Marianna finally caught up and grabbed her arm.
"Selena! Don't Run Away From Me! Let me take you home with me now!" Marianna shouted over the voices.

"What?" Selena called pretending to not hear her. "Say that again."

"Let me take you home with me now!" she repeated.

The Policeman began to walk down the street in their direction. "LOUDER I CANT HERE YOU!" she shouted.

"LET ME TAKE YOU HOME WITH ME!" she shrieked.

Selena's eyes widened. People stopping to see what was going on. "I don't want to go with you. Leave me alone stranger." She said as a terrified look came over her face and she began to runaway from Marianna.

Marianna watched her run, so confused. Marianna was about to give up, when she noticed something. Or more correctly, lack of something. Selena had run off with her bag! Marianna's eyes widened and ran after her. "Selena come back here!" Marianna called after her.

Selena heard her and began to run faster. "Leave me alone. I don't want to go with you. I want to go to my home you freak."

The police officer was watching as Selena ran by him. He caught her arm. "Whats the matter child?"

"Let me go, she's trying to get me to go with her. I Don't even know her!" she cried as she broke free from the officer and ran again.

The officer stood dumbstruck at Selena's abruptness. Marianna pushed passed him calling her name. The officer instantly knew who she was. A pedophile!

He called for backup and ran after Marianna, who was running after Selena, who was running until Marianna was no longer a problem in her life.

Selena quickly ducked into a corner, as Marianna and the officer ran right past her. Selena, after she made sure that they weren't around, laughed wickedly to herself. Sometimes she was just to good to believe!

Now Selena only made one mistake. She hadn't gone straight home. Selena decided she'd give it an hour just to seem more realistic. She also needed to get her story straight on why Marianna wasn't with her. She had figured it out and was now on her way home.

"Oh daddy, it was awful. She had this crazed look in her eyes and it was terrifying. She then said she wanted to take me away. But I didn't want to go! So I ran away and hid for a bit. Until I was sure I was safe." Selena rehearsed.

Selena arrived at the front door and rang the door bell. She waited for someone to answer, when she heard a siren behind her. Selena turned around and saw a cop car pull up in front of the house. Out walked the officer from the street and the chief. She recognized him from the times she's been 'downtown'.

The officer then went to the back door and opened it. Out stepped a tall, thin woman. With Peering Blue eyes that she could see from all the way she was standing!

"Ah crap!" Selena said.

To make matters worse, as they were walking over to Selena. The front door opened. Selena turned and her dad was standing in the doorway. "What's going on?" he said as soon as he saw the oh to familiar flashing lights. "Please Selena, please. Tell me this isn't about you!" Jeffrey begged.

"Well…not technically." Selena said meekly.

The officer, chief and Marianna walked up to Selena and her father. "How can I help you officers?"

"Nothing today, sir." The officer told him. "You daughter can though. After you ran, and we caught Marianna here. We got reason to believe that maybe what you were saying isn't true."

" I don't understand sir…" Selena lied, hoping to find someway out of this.

"Is this, or is this not your nanny!" the chief snapped.

Selena looked over at her dad, who looked confused. She knew she couldn't go through with it now. "Its my nanny…" she said glumly and defeated.

Marianna had a tiny victory smile form at the ends of her mouth. But it disappeared as fast as it came.

The police left and let Selena alone out front the house with her confused father, and her probably pissed off nanny.

She was doomed!

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