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October 2nd
Ashley Brown Photo Package
Laura Michelle Kelly - Music Month!
August 20th
Ultimate Mary Poppins, Vol 1 Info!
August 9th
1 Year Anniversary of MP & Me! 2 Singles, New Chapters and MORE!!!!!
August 6th
New MP & Me Single Preview is Available for a Listen over in Selena Banks
August 5th

Exclusive Look At Mary P & Me 2 is up now!
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    Bring "Temper, Temper" Back To Mary Poppins the Musical

    In the original version of Mary Poppins the Musical there was a number called "Temper, Temper". In this number the toys in Jane & Micheal's Nursery come to life after Jane & Micheal abuse them. They hold a trial to determine what they should do to "punish" them. Mary comes back to the Nursery in the end (because she had not been present during this) and saves them.  But some people felt that this scene was too scary for younger children (even though there was a age limit and a "Parental Warning" for frightening scenes). For the tour they replaced the number with another called "Playing The Game". The scene goes a bit different and Mary is present the whole time. This number eventually replaced "Temper, Temper" on Broadway, In London and all other productions.

    We want to try to bring the song back! We feel that if some details were fixed and make the clown less creepy looking it wouldn't be scary. How to do this is to Fill out this form. Fill in the blanks and send in your submission to our petition. In the comment section put why you want the song back/that you want it back/etc...