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Chapter 19: The Ball

That night, Castle Lasoleil was packed with everyone who was anyone from Lasoleil and Lepleut. A mess of ball gowns, tiara’s, feathers, sparkle and masks flooded the ball room. To celebrate the joining of the two kingdoms, King Broulliard and his Daughter, Princess Senvole had convinced Young Prince Micheal, Young Princess Jane , Fair Prince Albert and Fair Princess Mary into throwing a masquerade ball. The ballroom had been decorated with the best of the best decorations between the two kingdoms, food baked, cooked and imported for all over the land was scattered on the fabulously decorated tables.

At one end of the Ballroom was the grand staircase where everyone entered, the left wall wasn’t really a wall it was the entrance to the grand balconies, the right wall lead to the rest of the castle and the opposite end of the ballroom sat 6 imperial thrones. On the top carved into the gold were their names.

From left to right: Fair Princess Mary, Fair Prince Albert, Princess Senvole, King Broulliard, Young Prince Micheal and Young Princess Jane.  After the first hour, an announcer announced that it was time for the ‘king and queen’s dance’. The king and Queen dance was when the royals (Mary, Bert, Jane, Micheal, Broulliard and Senvole) Pair up and dance as the guests watched for a few moments then were cued to join in the dance.

Onto the dancefloor came the pairs. Young Princess Jane (who was very nervous to have two kingdoms stare at her all night) chose to Dance with her brother Micheal (who was fairly confused about all the rules and traditions that the ball had). Princess Senvole paired with her father Broulliard for a father-daughter dance, and Mary paired with Bert(for no specific reason really, just seemed natural I guess…).

Jane wore a beautiful light peach and lavender ball gown. Her shoes were a light golden-peachy colour that sparkled. On her head was a light gold crown jewled with Topaz and amythests (princesses orders!). Her hair half up with two braids wrapped under her tiara line that turned into a ponytail around the back.

Micheal was dressed in a royal blue outfit with gold trims. His tights were a crisp clean white and wore fine black leather boots with real gold for the heel and along the rims. His head fashioned a gold crown that was fur lined. The crown maker had made sure it wasn’t too heavy for his head.

Bert was dressed in a simular outfit as Micheal only his was bigger and was gold, white with hints of a creamy colour. Bert, unlike Micheal wore no crown, but had the exact same boots (only bigger).

Mary wore a ball gown herself too. One of a simular style of Jane’s only her’s was bigger, different colours and a slightly bit more mature looking. Instead of peach and lavender,Mary’s gown was coloured with light gray-blues, Lighter blues for accents and white. Jane though it looked like the sky when it was a little cloudy and moonlight shone through a thin cloud, releasing a light gray-blue light around the moon. Micheal thought it looked more like an evening mist. Either way it was pretty. Mary wore shoes with a diamond buckle. Her hair was up in a do that appeared to have a slight curl. Like Bert, mary wore no crown or tiara, but she did have a diamond necklace around her neck, gift from Princess Senvole to replace the silver heart locket with the sapphire necklace that had been used to help The Princess and her father.


The 3 pairs walked on the dance floor they gave a slight bow to each other and the guests then turned to each other. The orchastra began to play a nice piece and the pairs began to dance.  Jane and Micheal struggled not to laugh as they attempted  to dance without falling over each other or stepping on each other’s toes. Princess Senvole saw their struggles. She carefully waltzed over with her father and told them how to waltz, then she demonstated. Jane and Micheal began to follow and quickly got the hang of it.

Mary and Bert watched in the corner of their eyes jane and Micheal’s struggles and quietly laughed. Mary looked over at The Princess and her father, Senvole was wearing the locket. The sapphire shone and glittered ever so greatly. She noticed the envious eyes that stared upon it. But Senvole didn’t notice, or if she did she didn’t care one bit. She was more interested into talking with her father, something they hadnt done in ages, something they hadnt done in ages till mary came with that locket. Mary smiled, Senvole noticed Mary’s glances and smiled back and went back to talking. Mary gave a sigh.

Bert suddenly looked at her with a smile.


 Mary turned her head back to him. “what is it?” she asked him quietly, not wanting to draw attention from the crowd.


Bert looked at her as if he was amused by something. “Oh, nothing…” he said. Of course Mary knew he was lying. She always knew when he was, same way she always knew when jane and micheal were too.


“Don’t lie to me! Tell me what your smiling at me like that for!” Mary said, attempting to sound annoyed, but it’s hard to look annoyed and keep a straight face when someone, only a few centemetre’s away is smiling at you like Bert was smiling at Mary. It’s not easy, so it’s no wonder that Mary’s voice broke into a slight laugh as she said it.

Bert was clearly enjoying himself, watching Mary pry to get him to spill.


It was slightly amusing. “Oh no, its nothing he said smiling, containing his laughter inside with a struggle.


Mary gave him a look. “Bert enough of your silly games! Right now! Now Tell me!”


Bert gave in. “alright, alright…” he said.


“Ok, now why are you smiling at me like that?” she asked.


“because I had just remembered something, something kind of intersting that was never really explained…”


“Your avoiding the answer now… your trying to annoy me now arint you?” Mary said to him.


“You bet I am…”


Mary shot him a look. “Get on with it… what did you remember that was never explained…?”


Bert smiled again. “Oh nothing really… just the fact that uhh…. You kissed me!”


Mary’s eyes widened. “When?!” she demanded.

“Oh don’t you try that with me Mary! It may work on Jane and Micheal, but not me… I know you too well!” he said matter-of-factly. “You know when!”


Mary stammered for a moment, trying to figure out what to say.


“Fine! Alright! I kissed you… but if you remember… I was proving a point! You know that!” Mary said to Bert. Although, she didn’t sound to sure to Bert, Mary wasn’t even to sure about it herself now.


“Ok, but what about the other one…” Bert said.


“Other… one?!?!” Mary said uncertain.


“Yup, Other one. No point to prove, no victory, no anything for an excuse. Admit it Mary. You kissed me, and you have no excuse for it!” Bert told her, adding those so mary didn’t try to talk her way out of it.


Mary began to feel a bit off. “What do you want me to say?” Mary said, she was starting get upset now. Mary and Bert were so into their own conversation that they didn’t even notice that the guests had joined in the waltz now. Bert didn’t answer her. He honestly didn’t know what he had been trying to get out of her now. “Well?”


“I don’t… I don’t know…”


Mary and Bert were silent for a moment. When suddenly Bert said: “How was i?”


Mary looked up startled and confused. “How were you at what?” she asked.


“you know… when you kissed me…”


Mary’s eyes widened again with horror. “I can not believe you just asked me that!”


“Well I did, so tell me”


“We are are not dissucussing this! Especially not here!” Mary snapped quietly.


Bert ignored her. “I was obviously alright enough to kiss twice…” he said to himself so only he and Mary could hear.


“we are not having this conversation!” Mary said sternly.


“admit it!” he said. “You like kissing me!” he said.


“Bert enough your acting like a child!” Mary informed him.


Bert kept on going. “Admit it… You like kissing me.. you like kissing me..” he taunted annoyingly, purposely trying to bug her.


“Stop it. People are going to see you” Mary said in a hushed voice.


“You want me to stop? Ok, I’ll stop when you admit it.”


“Admit it”


“Bert enough’’


“I cant hear you”


“This is ridculous!”


“Your not saying it!”


“Im serious , stop!”


“Admit it!!!!”


“You want me to admit it?!”


“I want you to admit it!”


“Fine, I admit it!”


“Whats that?”


“I admit it!”


“what do you admit?”


“I like kissing you!”




“I like kissing you!”




“I LIKE KISSING YOU!” Mary said, forgetting the people that were around her, watching her, staring at her, trying to figure out wiether she really said that.


Even Bert hadnt been expecting that. Mary felt her cheeks go red. She closed her eyes, let out a small moan as the people went back to what they were doing, muttering amounst themselves. She moaned quietly as she hid her face in Bert’s shirt. “Tell me Jane and Micheal didn’t hear that! I’ll… oh, tell me please!”


Bert looked over, Jane and Micheal were playing with other children, paying no attention to mary’s outburst.


“I think your safe.”